Meet the neighbors



Every day when we launch from Waccasassa, we travel down the river then have the option once we reach the mouth to travel north towards Cedar Key, or south towards Crystal River. The last few days out have been beautiful, with glassy-calm conditions in the morning, so either direction has been an option. This has meant that finding dolphins is up to our guess-work and luck; we choose the right direction and hit a jackpot some days with lots of dolphin sightings, while we strike out other days and drive for hours without a single sighting. We call the former “dolphin soup” and the latter a “dolphin desert”! The bright-side of less dolphins is that we have the opportunity to appreciate the other residents of the Waccasassa River/Bay. So far, our encounters have included gators, fresh-water turtles, manatees, juvenile sea turtles, sharks, southern stingrays, cownose rays, tarpon, sturgeon, pelicans, and osprey. And we’ve seen plenty of jumping mullet during DB foraging, of course! We’ve even had a cheeky pelican try to steal fish during DB bouts (bottom-right picture)! While we have been excited to meet all the neighbors, here’s hoping we have more jackpot days and have many more sightings and DB bouts in the near future! Stay tuned for more!