Technical difficulties




As we've been prepping to get out on the water, we scheduled the boat for her yearly service. When she didn't start-up, we knew it needed a lot of work! We were very worried about cost; an unexpected trailer repair ate up a lot of our boat maintenance budget last week. All in all, the work being done on this engine would normally cost about $2,000. Thankfully, Joel of WeFixBoats has saved us and has made multiple house visits over the past week to work on the boat for a fraction of the cost as a donation to CKDP! With Joel's help, we've been slowly chipping away at a long list of necessary repairs. It has also been an opportunity for everyone on our team to learn more about boat repair/maintenance as we've helped Joel. We've even gotten our hands dirty by doing some of the repairs ourselves! At this point, we are hopefully nearing the finish line and will have a well-oiled, running engine in a day or two!

If you live within an hour of Cedar Key and ever need your boat repaired, give WeFixBoats a call!

And if you have some spare change, consider donating to the Cedar Key Dolphin Project so we can make engine parts purchases and pay Joel for all his hard work!