All  dolphin photography taken under MMPA Permit #14450. May not be used for commercial purposes.

Since 2001, we have researched the bottlenose dolphins of Cedar Key, Florida, which is home to a unique feeding behavior found only in this area.


Our Mission

We are working to preserve and protect the dolphins of Cedar Key and the surrounding Nature Coast of Florida, while learning as much as we can about this species. The dolphins of Cedar Key hold a wealth of information and may provide valuable information on the health of the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico. Dolphins are a long-lived species and as a result are suited to long-term research studies. 

What We've Achieved

  • Documented a complex feeding behavior that was the first example of role specialization with a division of labor in any marine mammal.
  • Tracked and cataloged the resident and nonresident populations of bottlenose dolphins along the Nature Coast.
  • Worked with the Aquatic Animal Health Department at the University of Florida to create a fully funded five-year Stranding Network for the Nature Coast.
  • Collaborated with the UF Marine Animal Rescue group on marine mammal and turtle strandings.
  • Delivered our research results in both scientific publications and through presentations to the local communities.
  • Continually working to create low-cost and innovative methodologies to research marine mammals in the challenging Nature Coast environment.